Isnin, Mac 26, 2012

Wish to be there

Sometimes everything goes very smooth, seems to be very perfect. But sometimes life goes very hard, and that's scared us. We don't think that we can even face it...But don't worry, the sorrow and hardness will end, and the light will come, for everything happened happens for a reason.

(foto: credit to maher zain facebook)

Take home a smile ^^

p/s: doa dari jauh

2 ulasan:

Asma' Ahmad Bahari (As) berkata...

rs tenang balik hati ni baca entri akak :') love the quote! ^^

Aff berkata...

:) Apa yg mnganggu di hati dan fikiran kamu my dear?is there anything u want to share wth me?at least i can be a good listener ;)

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